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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sugar Rush?

~ cold mornings ~

                    ~ warm covers ~

~ so hard to get the kids awake ~

Enter in the ultimate offer in our household, "be downstairs in five minutes or no hot chocolate!"

Yes, they moved.  One more quickly than the other, but both moved
because neither wanted to loose the priviledge of hot chocolate.

Got that started and got out the whipped cream canister (we own one that you add the cream, sugar, and such, then the charger.  Like this over at Amazon!)   Down side is that they have to come to room temperature to open up, clean, and start over again.  Never fail - use the kitchen aid and just all that we made.  Both boys were happy to have extra whipped cream and if they crash from lack of sugar, it'll be my own fault.  Will have them go gather wood if need be.  It is that time of year!


  1. You don't have to wait until it comes to room temperature! I worked at Starbucks where we used those canisters. People would go crazy if we waited until the canisters came to room temp before making more. All you have to do to clean it out and make a new one, is spray out all the remaining whip into the trash...not the sink...until there is no whip or charge left in the canister. Then it is safe to open, clean, and make a new one. If you don't spray out all the remaining whip, whip will explode everywhere when you open the top.

    1. Thanks Christen! Will remember that, hopefully, next time!