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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good Moments


That one word sums up life during the last 5 or 6 weeks easily. 

Lots of weird health stuff going on, that I'd rather not share over an open, easily searched blog. 

Lots of very long school days; long and stressful.  We still believe we are following what God has called us to do, in homeschooling.  That doesn't always make things easier, it just crystallizes your focus.

During these moments of being tired from life, there have been moments where life hits a sweet spot.  Those moments that make the rough days more manageable. 

    Today has had it's moments of extremes.  School has been hard; getting organized has been hard; cleaning has been hard; getting prepped for picture day tomorrow has been hard; getting laundry done has been hard; getting bread made - wait not that!  :)

  So, finally hit something that felt right today ~ making bread.  Who knew?  I didn't realize how therapeutic it was, most of the time, for me.  It felt like something was going right.  Follow the recipe, check for stickiness, add more flour slowly, hand knead for a few more minutes, let it rise with a towel over it and heating pad under the bowl.  Found my moment, my good spot, for the day. 

During this, found a couple others.  Our oldest is taking a photography class at co-op and he needed a few extra "action shoots".  Had him couple take a couple of the dough mixing.  One is good and blurry which should make for good discussion in class.  Then sent both boys out, with the dog and treats, to get the dog moving and take more action shots.  So here's a couple of my moments, captured by my 13yo, budding photographer.

Manual Setting

Think he threw the treat and Charlotte missed it!
What have been you good moments today?  If you came here via Facebook, please leave a comment here.  Taking a sabbatical from Facebook for awhile.

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