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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Allowances! What rate?

When you were growing up, did you get an allowance? Do you recall how much?

I remember getting one in high school, if I was not working.  It was $15.00, I think, and I had to use it for gas, lunch at school, or whatever else I needed.

Our kids are asking for one and it might just be time to start.  Know a friend gives half the kids age.  Read a few web sights that said that, too, and up to $1.00 per year of life per week.  That would be more than I think we can do.  Half their age seems doable.

How much do you give your kids?  When did you start? And lastly, what do they need to pay for with their allowance?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments, I am truly interested!!



  1. My 12 and 14 year old get $40 a month, and my 8 year old gets $20 a month. They use it for the movies, candy, extra clothes, toys, etc. They have to tithe 10% to the church.

  2. Our boys get $15 every two weeks. They are expected to buy all their own toys (we buy birthday and Christmas) or whatever they want to save to buy, within reason. They need to save some for the vending machine after swimming too. I do encourage them to save, but C does not. For this allowance, they are expected to help around the house and yard, but there is no chore chart. We just all pitch in to help. We don't tie to to punishment or reward. If they want to earn extra they need to stack wood. I think each kid and family is different. When I tried paying them for chores they were bargaining too much. "How much will you give me to do it?" DROVE ME BANANAS. I like this better, and really, Kelly and I get an allowance of sorts within our budget. I don't work outside of the home either. One day they will realize, and already realize to some degree that $15 doesn't go far and they will be wanting to earn some on their own. We might raise it a little in the teen years? But maybe not since I want them to work. They work hard for their ages. 4 hours in the yard last Sunday and we didn't pay them extra. They got screen time instead. ~Cori @ Wonder in the Woods