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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Want another round?

You might want to ask about the round I am offering before agreeing!

 So, what were you doing 10 years today?

It was a Sunday, in 2003.  We were invited to some friends house for lunch and the early play off game.  Friends, fun, football, fellowship.  The four "f's" of fall and early winter.  Friends had their 6th that November and asked what we'd do with our oldest when the 2nd was ready to come.  They offered to watch him for us.

Later, we were home, the three of us, kicking back, watching the later play off game.  In true, lack of care, that I show football, I have no clue who was playing.  Sometime around now, maybe a bit later, our second son got very fidgety, in womb.  He had never been so active until that moment in time.  Looking back, I am convinced it was that round of tossing and turning, that he went breech and nicked the water.  After talking to my doctor, called friend, several times.  They didn't pick up.  Called another neighbor who came right over.

Barely any time later (but into the wee hours on the 20th) our son was born, via c-section.

Tonight we will say good night to our 9 yo and wake up tomorrow with two kids in double digits.

Love you son.


 P.S.  Just wanted to add a photo of last 9yo hug!

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