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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Birthday! Know what that is?

Have you had your "golden birthday"?

Do you even know what a golden birthday is?

Hope you'll go aha now ~ it is when you turn the number of your birthdate!  For our oldest, that happened today.  It was extra special in that he turned 13, on the 13th, in the year 13, and he's the 13th grandchild on my side.  His Golden Birthday.

So this is what a 13 yo looks like:

He got to open gifts early today, lots of Lego's for our Lego lover:
One of two mini figures ~ a plumber and a skater
Lego gift card
Home made "Lego Drive" sign for door or wall
First "teen" Wii Game ~ Clone War Light Saber tool
Revised Lego Book
Big green board
Big blue board
After church we went out for lunch at his favorite place to go CiCi's.  Think we've gone 3 years in a row now for his birthday.  Got home in time to start prepping dinner with a couple friends over.

Minute to Win it M&M game!  Tuba player won!
Another game, getting cookie from eye to mouth!
The CAKE!  Chocolate and Candy

For a few days leading up to his birthday, I hid 13 13s in various places around the house.  Today's proved to be more challenging and not all were found ~ how long till the last 2 are found?

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  1. Think one was found on Monday and the last on Thursday!