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Saturday, January 12, 2013

13 years ago, what were you doing?

Do you remember that far back and KNOW what you were doing?  Do you even remember what you did last week, in detail?

Okay, so I don't remember January 12th, 2000 in great detail, but it was significant.  It was my "first day of freedom" after 13 weeks of bedrest.  Our oldest had been threatening to come way to early; don't recall when exactly, but do remember that from about September 1999, my doctor had been saying to take it easy, we'll watch and see what happens.  By October 24th, 1999, I was sent home, from a doctors appointment, and told to not go into work.  Made the necessary calls to Kevin and the office and then pondered, "What next?".  Spent the first few days, litterally in bed, but then started spending some time in the living room, just for a change of scenery.

So January 12th, 2000 marked the first day of my 37th week.  I spent part of the day walking around the local mall, just because I was allowed to get out of the house.  Our county police will help you install baby seats, so I tried to find the location of that, (unsucessfully!)  Had left over Hard Times chili for lunch and probably took a nap too.  Don't even recall what happened that day or what we had for dinner.

Tonight I get to say goodnight to a 12 year old for the last time!

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