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Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Fall

I am a fall person, by nature.  The cooler temperatures, the vibrant colors of leaves, the crunch of those leaves already fallen, the need for a sweat shirt or fleece jacket, or a cup of hot tea, all make the world feel right with me.

During this fall season, am really hoping to get out back more.  No, I do not mean out back to Australia or Outback the resturuant (that would be good too, though), but out and into our backyard.  One of the greatest benefits of our house is that it backs up to many acres of park land and paved foot paths.  Then there are the heavily wooden neighborhood areas that connect the various park lands together.  It's been enjoyable getting out and looking around the various paths and taking one we haven't explored before.  Our dog, Charlotte, has been having a ball with it as well.  Her nose has been going crazy when we go for walks.

Well, now after about 8 days of mostly overcast and some rain, I'm looking forward to the sun and getting out.  It's time to load up the backpacks with water bottles, pencils, art pads, nature journals, camera, and hit the trails.  Maybe even a a picnic blanket and snack. 

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