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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chore Sticks

A few days ago I read this blog post about chore sticks and thought it might me helpful in our household.  So today, I began painting away.

 Painted 8 of blue (for Thing One), green (for Thing Two),
and orange (for household chores).

 Began labeling the sticks, for the boys, with regular chores and
individual school subjects.  Some of these include things like:
~ make bed
~ pick up dirty clothes and put down chute
~ strip sheets and put down chute
~ make bed with clean sheets
~ math
~ grammar

The orange sticks have household chores and group
subjects.  Here are some:
~ empty silverware
~ empty plastic ware
~ empty recyclables
~ empty trash can

 Here are a bunch of them.

 For the sake of getting a blog post up, I used a can to hold the
sticks.  I still may end up using a can or three, but with paper around it.
If I use three, one for Thing One, one for 
Thing Two, and one for school related stuff.
Anyway, put the sticks in, colored side down.  When they are sent off to
do chores or school, they'll pick their sticks and work through them.

When the chore is complete, it can be put back into the can
with the color side up.  They should keep working until all chores
and subjects have been completed and colored end is up.

I will probably end up making more sticks and going over the pen with a fine point felt pen (which I didn't have today). 

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