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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

and Happy Birthday to my husband, Kevin Brock!  He's enjoying a federal holiday coinciding with his birthday.  Nothing like sleeping in, morning nap, walk through the woods with the family, and vegging while watching baseball on your birthday.  At least for him, it seems like a good day!

For me, I've finally felt a bit productive around the house.  Yea!  Lots of little things are getting done.  So far:
  • helped the boys through a worksheet (or 3) of math
  • made templates for cork board and metal board to be hung
  • alphabet is almost hung ~ stopped halfway through to take a walk with the family
  • cleaned the kitchen some
  • got laundry started later than I wanted, but finished earlier than usual ~ go figure.
  • finally figured out that the washing machine takes about 50 minutes for the normal wash cycle; WILL use the microwave timer now to help me keep track
Still on tape, at least for me:
  • hang the second half of the alphabet
  • make brownies
  • make corn bread
  • hot glue some buttons on screws
  • not sure what else
  • make some school related things

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