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Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday morning baking . . .

. . . . a blog post a few days late.  A few weeks ago, I went by Kohl's because I had $30 Kohl's cash I wanted to use before it REALLY expired (I was one day after the expiration date, called them and I could still use it! Ya me!!).  We really didn't need clothes, bedding, or kitchen stuff, so I looked for a few things that I'd seen before or the boys had asked about.  So, for $28.52 of their money I walked away with a slip and slide for the boys and a Baby Cakes Donut Maker.  This past Saturday was the third time we've used it and it has turned out to be a neat little gadget (although I am glad I didn't pay full price or use my own money).

We didn't get photo's of putting the dough into the machine or before they are taken out, but here's a look at the after product:
 I would take the donuts out of the maker and put them onto a cooling rack on a
cookie sheet.  I kept several warm in the oven until most of the batter was used.
Then I'd dunk in melted butter, roll in cinnamon/sugar, and put on platter.

 Don't they look yummy?

 Just a few left.  If you overfill the donut area, you get
the flat "rims" around the edge.  Instructions say to use two table spoons.
Yeah right, one is way better and you get more donuts and less wasted

 A certain Thing Two thought they would be regular sized
donuts.  Nope, mini donuts that you get to eat 6 or 7 instead of
being good and only eating 1 or 2.
Yes, Thing One likes them too!

Nice thing about all of this is that it is a small appliance and we actually had room to store it off of the counter top.  Not sure what the next flavor will be, but it will be used a few more times.

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