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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day of Opposites!

That sums up the day well.  I could quit there, but blogging would be no fun then and I've taken pictures too!  Earlier this morning I prepped some blueberries for something ~ maybe muffins or donuts.  Doesn't this look yummy, even before it's sat for awhile.
Love the colors that berries leave behind, on my cutting board.
Would be nice to find a way to save the color and have the board be clean.

So, the total opposite would be spending a portion of the day, taking
over the dining room table, to organize our quicken accounts.
NOT FUN!! At least I made coffee before getting started.

Well, when I started this post about eight hours ago, I had several opposites to write about.  Now that I have finally gotten the second photo to load, I've lost all recollection of what those were.  Oh well!

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