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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Planning!

Planning for this coming school year has begun; a tentative schedule for when we'll school, titles for unit studies, coming up with fun things to do.

I love finding books that both boys can be engaged in, have loved reading (or being read to), and the ability to take it a bit deeper.  With all the planning thus far and knowing that our summer weeks are a bit scattered over June, July, and August, I wasn't so sure that I wanted our boys using different books for the summer session.  This reminded me how much they enjoyed "The Magician's Nephew" last summer.

Now, I am off on a gathering expedition for "Voyage of the Dawn Treader".  So far, I've found a few sites that have some good things and have a few resources at home.  Part of our study will be to cover the discrepancies from the book to the movie.

Ideas so far:
  • listen to Focus on the Family Radio Theatre version
  • read the book
  • build some boats
  • go to creek to see how boats float
  • visit some real boats

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