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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Tidbits on a Tuesday, from our house to yours!
  • Days are officially getting longer.  Although we may still get a lot of snow, it's mentally a nice thing to think that we'll be getting more sunlight.
  • Went to Costco today.  Did the usual, go with a short list and spent over a hundred.  We did buy a present for Kevin from Thing One and Thing Two.  It's something I am sure he'll enjoy.  So far, it is the biggest under the tree.
  • We're watching "Narnia" this afternoon.  Closest thing to a Christmas movie, on DVD, which means we don't have to go downstairs.
  • Our dog, Charlotte, is such a snuggle bug.  She's keeping my side nice and warm.
  • We'll be having a non-traditional Christmas Eve meal ~ California Pizzeria BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Costco had samples and the boys thought it was pretty good.  We'll be keeping our Friday Pizza tradition, while having something a bit different.  We just need to figure out what service to go to.
  • Only one more present to wrap.
  • Only one more present to buy.
  • Only a few more thing to buy for each stockings.
Merry Christmas!

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