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Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's just around the corner

and if you blink, Christmas will be over!  We begin celebrating tomorrow, officially, with Kevin's family tomorrow.  Hoping the weather holds out for it.  Last year we got snowed out!

This next week, I hope to have fun with the boys all week.  We still have a lot of fun Christmas books to read, Mad libs to do, and more baking.  Want vacation to be fun, but hopefully without the t.v. ~ well maybe some movies.  Then there are some long walks to take with my Christmas present, see below!
 Ms. Charlotte got her last shot today, so she's good to go for exploring.  It'll be fun to get out w/her, especially since she's a coon hound and really seems to enjoy being out.

She isn't my only gift this year.  Also bought the Willow Tree Nativity set.  There won't be a whole lot under the tree this year, for me anyway, but that's okay. 

Now that you know what I've gotten for Christmas, what are you getting?

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