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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Visit to Yorktown, Virginia

Although Yorktown wasn't the same time period as Jamestown, it is relatively close.  We spent part of a day there and at Yorktown's beach area.  Was pleasantly warm that day!

Camp's kitchen.  The fire pits were dug into the ground to minimize sparks burning down camp.

Government didn't have enough tents for families that came along.  Wives would have a "tent" out of whatever was available.  She may also do laundry to earn some money.

Musket demonstration.

Few turkeys roaming around Yorktown.  They escaped the Thanksgiving feast.

Thing Two was chosen to be a part of the cannon demonstration.

Canon after being fired!

Pretty Chicken!

On the beach, burning off energy!

Our builder dude!

Grass of some sort!

Surprisingly good picture.

Still digging and finding time for a picture.

Time to sit on the rocks.

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