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Friday, November 5, 2010

Today is

November 5, but you may have already known that.  It's also a Friday - woo hoo, home made pizza!!

This of course means 20 days until Thanksgiving.  Our Thanksgiving tree is coming along.  Had originally hoped to get a leaf up each day, but reality sets in and it doesn't always get done.  It is looking pretty good though and hasn't dropped a leaf yet!  Bonus!!

With Thanksgiving plans settling into a nice routine, I'm already looking at Christmas! LOL as I just got a fall header on the blog.  The other day, I took advantage of the "Thing's" being at Tae Kwon Doe and went to Hallmark.  They were finishing putting out some Christmas things.  It sure was fun looking through their stuff.

Of course it got me thinking of activities to do around the house to keep the boys off the computer and TV.  Found a few more ideas to add to my list of things to do.  So far we have:
  1. Make a wish list
  2. make chocolate covered pretzels
  3. make oreo truffles
  4. decorate the tree
  5. send out Christmas Cards (John & Terri, if you are reading, you'll still hold the title of early bird in our house)
  6. possible pictures for said cards
  7. tour neighborhood for lights
  8. make mint brownies
  9. make peppermint play dough (have been meaning to do this for years and hope to get it done this year)
  10. watch "Polar Express"
  11. watch "The Christmas Miracle of Johathan Toomey"
  12. make peppermint bark
  13. nature hike
  14. go for hot chocolate
I've got a few more to fill in, but time to do so!

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