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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quiet Sunday Morning

My guys! Aren't they handsome? This particular photo was taken Friday night at our church. Our pastor and his wife's daughter was married this May in California. The newlyweds came east, to celebrate their wedding one more time. What bride wouldn't love to where their dress more than once?

Anyhoot, it isn't often that I take a picture of all three men in the house that look kind of normal. This was the better of the two shots taken. The other had Thing One looking somewhere totally different. For once, the photo with the eyes shut is the better photo. The three of them gave me a quiet morning today. Kevin is playing, bass I believe, with the worship team and the boys wanted to go with him. I'm alone in the house with the only noise being from the clicking of the computer and the A/C running (isn't that a wonderful thing all by itself?)

What does someone do with some quiet time first thing in the day. I probably haven't been as productive as I could have been. There are still piles of things that need to be dealt with, things to be cleaned, or things to be put away. I've chosen to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee out of our new dishes (well the mug from the set anyway).

Kevin and I celebrated our 13th anniversary this past February and still have an amazing amount of dishes left from our sets that we bought just after getting married. Think one serving bowl, two or three small plates, and one dinner plate have succombed to life. I've been looking for dishes that would kind of go with what we currently have and that has been a challenge (I'm a little to frugal to just pitch the remaining dishes and buy all new ones). A number of days ago, I saw this set at Costco, unfortunately, this particular store only had the dishes in light blue. Pretty - yes - but really wouldn't go with the navy blue and white dishes we already had. After asking, it sounded like there weren't many white available at any of the stores. Last weekend we were at a different Costco and checked, just out of curiousity. Wow, not only did they have the white, but they had two sets. A little digging and rearranging of boxes and they were in our cart. As an aside, even Corningware was more expensive to purchase the same amount of dishes and just weren't as pretty.

So, on this quiet Sunday morning, I sit drinking coffee in a new, pretty mug!

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