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Friday, July 30, 2010

Boys are growing up!

Which should be quite obvious really! They're moving on from an all consuming desire for things that are trains and into more tween/teen interests. Sports and Legos are difficult to combine, though, when desiring to design a new room for the boys. I keep coming back to a surfer type room with hints of sports and legos. Probably because a few years ago they had a surf/beach party and I tend to buy and make some sort of accessory for the theme.

As a result of the party, we have two strands of the lights, like those to the left, and they still work. Think these would be cool in the nook they have in the big room they'll be moving into again. Might attach some tea cup hooks to the ceiling and hang the lights criss cross all over that area. That area will also have some new Billy Bookcases {like these but without the narrow ones at each end}. I still want to bring in some tie dye, but just not sure how. Possibly in bean bag chairs or making a cover for the papasan chair they have and enjoy using.

Also, I plan to fix some surf boards I made that look more like enlarged boogie boards. I want to try to make them look more like surf boards which means they need to be a lot more narrow. I've seen a number of paint designs that would be cool and could also put their names on them. I can get the boys involved in this painting and am sure they'd love doing this.

Have you seen these peace lights from Pottery Barn? I think they're very cool and would be cool to have one, in black, for the boys room. I'm having trouble coming to terms with the light costing $149.00, though. Really??? How much does one have to make a year to be able to spend about $150 on a light? Suppose it is a good thing that we have some scrape plywood, about the right size, have tools that will work, and I enjoy working with wood and craft projects in general. All that is really lacking, in house, would be the black paint and rope light. Those can be picked up relatively inexpensive. As we have next week off from school, maybe I'll start working on it. Should be a fun project.

Other things that will be included in their room: a lava lamp night light, some sort of pennant banner (at their request with plaids and possible surf type stuff), fringe that looks like a hula skirt (possibly as window valance), and hibiscus flowers.

Happy Decorating,

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