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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A weeks worth of pictures

Actually, about eight days worth. This covers things from last Sunday, which I never got around to posting, through this weekend. Enjoy the photo's.

Christmas Child Box
Thing Two's donation

Christmas Child Box
Thing One's Donation

Our church had a goal of 200 boxes.
We collected over 330. Way to go
Burke Community Church.

Going away party for a friend. She's moving to
Hawaii to be with her husband. Our lose,
his gain.

Don't you hate it when someone
snaps a photo and you aren't ready.

The guys chatting. Probably about
basses, guitars, and the latest music
software. They did end up in Al's office
playing something or looking at something

Wish you could see how blue Thing One's
teeth were. They were almost day glow blue.

Starting of my long awaited Craft Room. That is Kevin's
marriage proposal from 13 1/2 years ago. The room may still take a
bit of tweaking, but it's mostly there.

The rest of the craft area. Things have been hung!!

Yes, I'm posting the laundry area. I was pleased
with how it looks with the pots on a shelf.

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