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Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

Yes, finally Friday. We've wrapped up our school week this morning with science and a lesson on friction for both. They enjoyed experimenting with ice, sand paper, hardwood, cloth, and pledge.

Seeing how easy it is to "skate" across the hardwood
on rags. It was fairly easy, even easier after I sprayed
Pledge on the floor. Yes, I really did. I've also cleaned
it up well after with vinegar. It's not to slippery now.

Trying to skate barefoot. Definitely the more difficult option.

The boys first rubbed ice against ice. This slipped fairly
easily. Second, they tried rubbing ice on a piece of sand paper
that was on the ground. A little more difficult. Third, they tried
to sand the sand paper, while pressing down. This was the hardest
to do. This was to show how friction works with two rough
surfaces rubbing against each other versus being lubricated.

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