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Friday, November 6, 2009

Double Posting Friday

Had hopes of totally organizing the basement today, but lost a lot of steam when it was time to pull dinner together (it's Pizza Night; we needed dough and sauce this week). Thus far I have managed to:
  • get the big furniture into it's place
  • hang one of two pieces peg board
  • vacuum most of the room
  • mop most of the floor, but it really needs another pass over
  • paint the drywall over the duct work and I beam
  • wipe down a couple shelves and put things back
  • sew a make shift curtain for the laundry shoot
  • rearrange a couple of shelves to put painting supplies on
  • load up the work bench shelves
Our old dinning table is my new sewing/craft table. I've
already used it to make the laundry shoot curtain.

Cleaned up washer and dryer. The wall behind the
utility sink is new. There wasn't anything behind it a
week ago.

New spot for workbench. It's by the door
near the washer and dryer.

Curtain around laundry shoot and laundry basket
at the bottom. It's there to hide the dirty laundry
until I'm ready to wash it.

Yes, there are still many piles left to organize. It's a busy weekend here
with meetings, life group, lesson planning, church, and all those activities
that keep a family of four busy. Hope to get most of it finished by the
end of the weekend.

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