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Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Musing

It's still early today (5:41 AM by our Set Top Box) or "6:41 AM before we changed our clocks" according to Thing One. It is still VERY dark out side, but there is enough light outside to "see" the shine on our vehicles to know that it rained over night. There very well may still be a light mist coming down. Another week begins in the cold and dark.

We'll begin our school week with the second week of "Hanna's Cold Winter" and a week with "Mr. Gumpy's Motorcar". I'm looking forward to this week, because the outside activities have slowed down a bit. On the same note, but not so fortunately, we are battling what may be common colds or could be the flu. Because I just don't know yet, we're trying to take it easy, lay low, and get healthy. Our school days may be a little less organized as a result, but we'll get everything done that needs to be.

On the home remodeling front, progress is being made in the basement. The whole utility room has a dropped ceiling now, the HVAC trunk and steel I beam have been drywalled, and the second window well has been drywalled. Our contractor will be back today to do the final sanding and priming. I'll hopefully be able to paint those areas later today. My end of the job isn't finished though. Another trip to Home Depot for a piece of drywall, more spackle, an outlet cover, HVAC register cover, and return a couple of things.

Window well drywalled

Framing for wall behind sink

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