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Friday, May 15, 2009

Year End!!

The boys and I are ready for the year to be over. It's been a great year; we've grown, we've learned, we've had fun.

Earlier today we wrapped up most of our testing for the year. Just a couple more tests on Monday, for Thing One, then head out to the post office to mail them off. To me, the year isn't over until the tests are packaged up, have the proper postage and left at the Post Office. THEN, we'll have some sort of year end party

Already looking forward to next year, though. I really enjoy looking at new stuff, dreaming of fun stuff to do, and the planning doesn't frighten me like it did two years ago. So, here's what's shaping up for next year:

Thing One:
  • Finish up Volume 4 of Five in a Row
  • Volume 1 of Beyond Five in a Row
  • Math U See (last bit of Gamma and on to Delta)
  • Sequential Spelling
  • Either Analytical Grammar or Simply Grammar
Thing Two:
  • Various books from Five in a Row beginning with Volume 1 and ending with Volume 3 (however far we get is how far we get)
  • Math U See Alpha
  • Possibly Sequential Spelling as well or just homemade spellings of relevant words or word families (yes, similar to Sequential Spelling)
  • English for the Thoughtful Child
It's my desire to expose them to more Art, Nature, Science, and Spanish. Whatever kind of bunny trails happen as a result of learning will explored as fully as possible.

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