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Monday, May 25, 2009

Stepping Stones

It's a kind of dreary Memorial Day - over cast, passing rain, humid - not really a day I'd like to spend outside. The boys (x3) and I finally got around to making our stepping stones today. I bought them about a year ago and it seemed like a good activity to keep us busy. We had four stepping stones total - two of this style and two of this style. Directions were fairly straight forward, but what I'd do differently would be to 1) use a bucket that has a smooth bottom and 2) when adding cement to bucket, make sure the bag is held close until almost touching the bottom of the bucket. It's a nasty smelling powder that seems to take flight easily, so don't just dump it in at any level.

Here are some pictures, at various stages, of our stepping stones:

Pressing broken glass, glass pebbles, and mosaics into cement.

Mixing up the next batch of cement for Thing Two to start on his stepping stone.

Still mixing the cement while Thing One continues to work on his.

Finished stepping stones.
Top left is Thing One's - no particular pattern.
Top Right is Hubby's - a guitar.
Lower left is Thing Two's - star flowers on a starry night.
Lower Right is mine - no particular pattern, just worked on balance.

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