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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Childhood relived

I got to relive a bit of my childhood today. When I was about 7 or 8, living in Fayetteville, NC (location doesn't matter as much) the summer held a special place for me. It was time for going to the water slide park, military pool and contemplating going off of the high dive, and most of all making a fort under the redwood picnic table.

Those days, fort days, I'd bring out all sorts of stuff for under the table. My sleeping bag, little radio, coloring books and crayons, dolls I'm sure. It was just a lot of fun. About two years ago (Mother's Day 2007 I believe), my parents asked if I'd like the table and benches. I said yes, in a heart beat, all the while remembering those days. I so wanted to share those memories with my boys.

Today, the boys were out front somewhere, and getting a bit bored. I took a couple table clothes and put them over the table and benches and then called the boys back. There was some rumbling, until they saw what I'd done. Quickly, I was voted "The Best Mommy in the World!!" Following are some pictures:

You can just make out Thing Two crawling in. He's wearing a blue shirt with white sleeves and is to the right of the plaid table cloth.

Thing one enjoying a moment while Thing two gathers more stuff.

Entrance to their fort!

Just chillin' in their summer spot!

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