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Monday, May 11, 2009

Trees and Turtles

We had a "Mother's Day" cook out yesterday. While our boys and their cousin were playing out back, they came across a turtle. Not to uncommon around here as we back up to woods.

In other news, the Oak Tee in our front year was looking pretty sick. It had a lot of dead limbs on it. Fortunately is was cheaper to trim the tree up than pay the deductable if a limb fell on the car.

Because there were dead limbs everywhere on the tree, J.L. Tree's had to bring in a "bucket" truck. It held the boys interest for only a short time.

There were a number of limbs, that when they fell, jabbed the ground hard enough to "stand up". Was a little slow with the camera to get a picture of one that was probably 5 inches across.

These post pictures aren't the greatest. Might try again on a sunnier day.

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