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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacation Highlights

Hi Readers!!  If you are here to look for the 5 minute mug of chocolate cake, it's the next post down.  These pictures are highlights from our vacation in the Poconos, PA.  We saved well over a hundred photos and deleted probably the same amount.  The joys of having a digital camera.

We were on a Mountain (long walk to the unit, and about 6 steps up) which made unloading the van difficult with Kevin still on crutches.  Things got into the unit and vacation began.  The above picture was out the door of the place we stayed at.

We were able to use the outdoor pool for one day before it closed for the season.  The indoor pool had an umbrella like thing that water came out of .  The boys enjoyed it.

Here we are after dinner at the Dansbury Depot, a working train station which began in 1856.  The boys have such a fascination with trains, that it made going out to dinner a great trip.  Here is a link to the history of the station.  Also take a look at the picture, because my hubby figure out how to walk with out the crutches - woohoo!!

Our first stop for our fun day was the Crayola Factory.  There was a lot to do and see there.  You could make hats, windsocks, puppets, play with side walk chalk, see how crayons are made, dance and see your shadow change colors, play with modeling clay, make rub drawings, and so much more.  We even got a discount because we homeschool.  

Last but not least stop, on our fun day, The Martin Guitar Factory.  My hubby enjoys playing guitars, basses, mandolins, banjo and for his birthday wanted to take a tour of how C.F. Martin & Company make their guitars.  It really was interesting all that goes into making one, the tools they have had made to maximize the amount of wood used, and so much more.  If you a carpenter it would we worth a tour just to see the process.  The highlight for Kevin was being able to play guitars that are WAY out of his price range.

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