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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Afternoons

This has been one of those Sunday afternoons that are memorable.  The day had no one highlight, but taken as a whole was a great day.  Here's what we did:
  • we went to church this morning
  • came home and had lunch
  • discussed the afternoon and our agenda
  • napping was the main topic and the adults here took one while the kids played Wii (hubby only napped about 45 minutes, so it's not like the kids got hours upon hours of video time)
  • we vegged, watched football, and I started lesson plans for the week
  • dinner, prepared by hubby (thank you!!) was comfort food - chicken pot pie
  • and now more vegging with football and surfing the internet.
May not be ideal for everyone, but on a rainy Sunday afternoon, it worked for us.

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