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Monday, September 22, 2008

True Musing

Today is the first full day of Fall.  Have to admit, I started out very tired and in a bit of a funk.  It dawned on me, while making the second pot of coffee, that I really should be counting my blessings when I feel out of sorts.  In just making the coffee alone, I came up with a bunch: my husband has a very good job that allows me to have good coffee at home, his pay allows us to pay for the water and electricity to make my coffee,  and he's the one that gave me the canister to store my ground coffee.  It went on from there and I could easily come up with a lot.  It does (and did) help to break the funk, to realize how fortunate and blessed I am.

As I go through the day and usual type things I'll be remembering to be thankful.  It is turning into a beautiful day and just not weather wise.  We'll be taking advantage of that, too.

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