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Monday, January 20, 2014

Honoring Our Birthday Boy!

Didn't we do this last Monday?

    Wait, don't I say something like this just about every year?  Repeat parties a week apart.  Love those boys born on the 13th and 20th.

Today we celebrated an 11th birthday.  Eleven 11's hidden last night, for this mornings activities.

 Woods out back!  Pinks, lavenders, blues!

 Woods out front!  Yellows, peaches, lavenders!

 Green stars all over the table!

 We don't buy cake toppers!  We make them or use what we have.
Someone wanted a trooper for a cake, so he got several.
Yes, a piece of "grass" was out of place, so it got blasted!  What else are
you going to do with a gun that big?

 Different angle of troopers!

Birthday presents!
Yes, we ran out of paper while wrapping last night!
Smallest first (his choice), new pics for his guitar
from Christmas!

 Book he's "begged" for and finally got!
Love being able to figure out exactly what they want
without having to ask!!
Cake before dinner!  Why, yes please!
green frosting feet!

 Just because we took a photo like this last week!

 Chillin with friends at Laser Tag Event!
How convenient for older brother that there
were a couple teens there for him to hang with as well.

Great time honor our birthday boy!

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