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Monday, January 13, 2014

Fourteen years in the making!

It's been a celebration of our oldest birth!  14 years ago he made his presence know.  Slow start to the day, a good breakfast, and the unfortunate task of school work.  Let the boys have a "clean pj day" again on this Monday (think it might become routine as this was the second Monday we've done this!  Next Monday maybe a repeat as well).

 The effects of home made cake.  Lots of dishes, lots of mess, all for a
chocolate cake.  Coco powder everywhere (not in the cake, but for dusting the pan.
No "white" flour marks even though cake was being frosted).

 Second 8"x8" pan ready for cake batter.  Making a "Grass Block" from
Minecraft and Vanilla Ice Cream for snow balls.

 Think I used to much coco powder to dust the 2 cake pans!
This is the leftover!

 Finished cake!
A few toppers and a couple extras,
made by a loving brother.

 Close up of the toppers I made!

 Steve and a creeper!

 A tradition born last year.  Their age, printed that many times.
Hidden around the main level for them to find.  It kept Simon
occupied while I slept in this morning!  Was surprised to find
that he even did a bit of school before I got up!

 Blue stars scattered on the table for a child
who has been known to like blue!
Joys of being oldest, folks dubbed him
the blue one and his younger brother
the green one!

 The presents, so hard to resist,
all day.  But he made it till his father
got home.

 Blue paracord, to add to his
red and black he got for Christmas.

 Three sizes of S hooks.

 Multi tool!

 The guys!

Someone wanted to pose for the camera!

This is fourteen years in the making!  Along with a brother 3 years and 1 week younger!  And yes, we did make it to Simon's favorite restaurant, CiCi's, we just went this past Saturday night!

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