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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~~~ 2014 ~~~

Welcome to Two Thousand Fourteen, whether you are ready for it or not!

Not sure what all it entails for this blog, how often I'll post or what I'll post about.  There were days during our Advent series that I really enjoyed blogging every day, then some days it felt like a chore ~ one extra thing that needed to be accomplished.  I've mulled over just blogging daily life or having themed days.  Nothing is striking accord with me, that says, "This is it!!".  So I leave you with these photos from just now:

 Another glorious sun rise!  I would seriously miss these woods
if we ever moved!

 Evidence of sparklers from way earlier today.  Kiddo was worried
about the marks.  We'll get it off with a little scrubbing.
If that doesn't work, I hope to rent a power washer early this spring.

Think we went through 20 sparklers a piece.  Not a big deal,
we tend to over buy on July 4 last year and are stocked for awhile.

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