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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unexpected Blessings!

Have you ever had an unexpected blessing? One that takes you by surprise?  Ever been fortunate enough to have two in a short period of time?

Yeah, that would be me in a short period of time!  One is such a blessing, but when
the second comes along within five days or so, it is such a pleasant surprise!

I have been wanting to get some fun family portraits/pictures done!  Ones that aren't your formal, go to a studio and pick one or two backgrounds.  We've done those in the past, but honestly, that is not where I want our money going right now.  This past Thursday or Friday, while at VBS, I was talking with a friend about wanting fun photo's and wanting to find someone who would know places in the area for fun shots!  Well, my friend said she is wanting to learn how to do people shots as shes mostly been doing landscapes.  She wants to get better at this so she can do it professionally.  Even better, she mentioned that she'd do it for free because she's learning.  Sweet!  Love that idea and will spend some time soon figuring out when, where, and what clothes I want to buy so we look "cool"!

Anyhoot, yesterday out of the blue, another friend called.  Two of her kids are in the same grades as our boys.  My youngest and her second to youngest are like two peas in a pod.  These two boys are great friends and love hanging out!  Kate was wondering, since the middle school kids were going to be gone for a chunk of the day, if youngest wanted to come hang out.  She understands that Mr. Thing Two loves to be entertained and likes to be doing things!  (he's getting loads better about keeping busy, but gets bored easily when his brother isn't around)  She asked if he'd like to come over to hang out during the time period that the other kid is gone.  Wow!  I have down time and don't need to pay a sitter!  I might just be able to catch up with some friends, with chores, or shop or who knows what!  Options are limitless, especially if I plan ahead!!


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