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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are you a reader or a non reader?

Do you devour books quickly and have a stack waiting their turn?

Are you one that it feels painful to read?  Someone like me, whose brain wanders easily, looses
their place, has a hard time decoding some words?

Here at our house, we are evenly divided between avid reader and "it takes a lot of work" to get through a book.  Am happy to say, however, I may soon be the only one who struggles with reading.  Our oldest seems to be catching the bug!

I will gladly be a loner in that area, in order to see our son read, love to pick up a book, and want to stay up late reading.  He may never be a speed reader, but if there is a love for reading, the speed will naturally come.  Anyway, was totally pleased to here, "Mom, I've finished this Hardy Boy book and need the next one!"  We need to get to the library soon!  It warms my heart to know the series has started over again.  We began, originally, sometime in 2008.  At the time of this post, not sure what number book we were on, but they were so much smaller then.  Now, Mr. Thing One is over 5'6", slender and a teenager.  It took us about 4 years to get through the books (see here).  Wonder how long it will take Thing One to get through the books?


  1. In our family of 11, we have 5 avid readers, 3 who would rather do ANYTHING but read, and 3 who enjoy it (when they latch onto a good book) but it doesn't seem to be their first choice of activities. Interestingly, of the 3 non-readers, one had a very hard time learning to read and one taught herself at age 3. So "reading aptitude" didn't end up translating into interest or lack thereof.

    1. Like how you phrased that, reading aptitude didn't end up translating into interest or lack thereof. For me, I do once in awhile catch a series or book that grabs me. Hoping to find more like that for our kids!