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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Random Saturday Pictures

Saturdays! Craziness at it's best around here.

Today we had two sports, two kids, two locations, same time. Now I know there are folks who have more than two kids, multiple sports, and have done many things as a single parent.

Kevin has been on baseball duty this spring with Thing Two in kid pitch. They were off and running about 8 AM this morning. Thing One and I headed toward church for TKD.  Dropped him off and headed toward Wally World for a few things.

Decided to swing by a yard sale prior to hitting the store. Found these glass things:

Brown Clorox Bottle

Another pretty brown bottle

What would a Saturday be without a bit of cleaning!  Asked the boys to bring me a cleaner from my bathroom, with the caveat of not spraying it.  It is a bleach bottle.  Once down, I asked Thing Two to get me a piece of colored construction paper and squirted it with the liquid to show the boys what bleach does.  Here's what the sheet looked like after sitting for a bit:

Hopefully this shows why you don't play with bleach or as kids pointed out "wear white while using bleach!"

Happy Saturday folks!


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