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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Home School Mom's look at the summer

We will officially be on summer vacation by noon tomorrow!  I know one 12 yo that will be up by 6:30 ready to finish the last two sections of his test.  Not so sure when our 9yo will be up, but he won't be sleeping in, that much I know!

My brain is already racing with the things I would LOVE to get done!  Already telling friends I am cleaning out in case they want to stop by (hi Amanda!!!).  Already looking at new furniture for crafting area.  So here is my crazy list so far:

  • go through the boys dresser drawers and purge clothing
  • pull together a van load of stuff for donation (30 minutes worth of work and it will be a descent load)
  • work down in the basement to find the floor around: the craft table, washer & dryer, play area, storage shelves, and many other parts
  • straighten, purge, trash, organize boys playroom
  • have the boys help create a list of things to do over the summer
  • plan out some light school days to keep their brains strong
  • plan out some fun exercise stuff to keep our bodies strong

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