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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Thoughts can run quickly through my head and not stay long.  Other times, they stay and linger awhile.

It's those thoughts that I need to pay attention to.

Lately it's been about keeping things simple.  Keeping every aspect of life simple ~ house, relationships, school, cleaning, etc.  Word (s) seem to stay stuck and get mulled over.  Variations of the word come to mind ~ simplify, simply.  Songs pop into my head and chorus' play over and over in my head.  Titles and videos get looked up!  Now I have "Clinging to the Cross" by Tim Hughes because of the chorus.  My A.D.D. brain begins to slow down and begin to wonder about application and definition of simply.  Checking out the definition at a couple different places, it is defined as plan, without art, weak minded, or unwise.  Had always thought of it as more of it as an adverb to mean "1. in a simple manner; clearly & easily or 2. plainly and unaffectedly"; I'll probably ponder this portion of definition and apply to life!  I'll practice Keep It Simple Silly.

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