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Monday, March 26, 2012

Been a long day!

A very long day!

Friend found my pedometer in her car and returned it yesterday, so it's been worn all day.  At just after 9:00 PM I've hit over 9,700 steps and really haven't left the house much today.  A vast majority of my steps have been the result of doing laundry today.  About 10 loads washed and dried adds a lot of steps and stairs to your count; especially when you inadvertently go down to soon to switch things over!  Also made a few extra trips downstairs as I'm patching yet another wall and all that stuff is downstairs, too.  Did do some weeding, as well, so I wasn't inside all day.

Looking forward to our oldest getting home from Scouts so we can get the boys to bed and call it a day!

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