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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hardy Boys

Not sure when be began reading "The Hardy Boys" to our boys.  It honestly feels like we've been reading these books to them forever.  Know that isn't true ~ we had begun by December 2008 though.  Here's a post from then with the boys in laundry baskets!  Don't think we'll be getting many more photo's like those.

Anyway, we've been reading number 45 "The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge" since yesterday.  The boys and I got through a large number of chapters this afternoon and added a few more with Kevin this evening.  We might just have the series finished before the end of the summer ~ all 58 of them!

Truths about the Hardy Boys:
  1. They don't age ~ they are still 17 and 18, even though there has been an obvious passage of a few years.
  2. Chet shows up in every book, hungry.
  3. Chet has a new hobby in every book.
  4. More often than not, someone gets knocked out by the second chapter (sometimes within the first few pages).
  5. There are always 20 chapters.
  6. Just about every chapter is a cliff hanger, except for 20 (obviously!).
Pick one up, if you like, you may just like the series.

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