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Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome to October

and a rainy cool one at that.  Today, the 3rd, was no different.  Actually a nasty sort of Monday ~ cool/cold, rainy, and overcast just about the whole day.  Had really wanted to have a fire with this weather, but the schedule that I woke up with, just wasn't going to allow it.  Dropping a kid off for speech, picking him up from speech, have a meeting late morning, and a ball practice (or possibly make up game) in the afternoon.  Just no time to light a good fire and keep it going all day.  Ah, then the email came that baseball was canceled.  I knew this before the meeting and couldn't wait to get home!  Well over 6 hours later and it's still going strong!  Ye haw!

And out of shear delight, I took a video of it.  Yes, you can hear the logs popping!

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