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Monday, October 31, 2011

Goodbye October!

Last day of October ~ time is beginning to go at warp speed and seems to continue accelerating with each day.  Here's a brief photo journal of our day:

 A layer of frost on just about everything.  Had to scrape the windshield in
order take Thing One up to speech at the local public school.  Windows
had to be scrapped yesterday, too, for church, but Kevin did a bulk of that - on both
cars.  Thanks honey!!!

 We had a few extra Black Eyed Susan's grow, after the first round.
They're even pretty in the frost.

 Started taking pictures of the boys and Charlotte serious wanted her picture
taken.  She was a wee bit hyper through our legs and as soon as I said, "Okay,
Charlotte, I'll take your picture!", she sat down.  Go figure.

 Boys were happy to start their new math level today.  As Thing Two
pointed out, we've started to reuse some of the things we bought four years
ago.  When we switched to Math-U-See, Thing One was in third grade, now
Thing Two is in third and so we just need to buy the workbooks as we
have everything else.  Somewhere along the line, probably when they were in
1st and 4th, we got off track for finishing a book in one traditional school year.
This year, they are working hard to get caught up.

 Thing One volunteered at the Harvest Festival at
Burke Community Church.

 Mr. Ninja
A totally kid made costume out of things we already had.
Like that idea!

Is there a better game than eating Krispy Kreme
donut?  Ah, it smelled like the parking lot of Krispy Kreme, you
know the smell of sugar before you even get out of your car!
Only thing missing was the Hot Sign!

So, good night October, look forward to seeing you again next year.

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