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Friday, January 7, 2011


Homemade Cafe Mocha
This is the sort of thing one makes when the guys leave the house on a Friday afternoon!  Had thought I'd be taking "the Things" to Tae Kwon Doe, but Kevin got home early.  So here I sit, still in grubby, but clean clothes, having just made a cafe mocha and now blogging.  Pandora is playing "Old Country" music.  Not a quiet house, but sounds that are okay.

As almost any teacher will tell you, the first few days back, after a break, seem long and difficult.  It's been that for us, too.  Also a full week of almost ALL activities.  No easing into it with just a few subjects or activities!

This week we've been doing our usual grammar, math, and MoH along with Amanda Bennett's "Winter Wonders".  We've had fun reading a lot of snow related books, making snowflakes, and drinking hot chocolate.  Unfortunately, no real snow to be had!  Here's a look at our snowflakes we made though:
Kind of like the reflection of the trees in the window, don't you?

Now off to enjoy my second mocha!

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