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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eleven years ago today

Thing One was born at 2:33 PM.  He sure has enjoyed telling everyone how old he is as well, "Hi stranger, I'm 11 now!"  Okay, maybe not much, but seems that way.

Here are some photo highlights of the day!

 A certain younger brother was not to happy.  He couldn't
win at the video games!  Not that the games are rigged, but odds
are not in your favor kido!

 Blowing out the candles!

 Yes, there are only 4 candles.  Yes, he turned 11.
A certain someone, who will remain nameless, did not grease
the pan well, so the top of the cake did not come out well.

 However, if the messiness of the kitchen indicates how
tasty the cake is, we have a winner!!

 Decorations done last night!

 Balloons added this morning, because there wasn't
enough around the house.

 Streamers near the top of the window
and "Happy Birthday" Streamers across the middle.

Ribbons and streamers from the chandler.

YES! Annual chair birthday banner has been
poorly photo shopped by me.  Thought
I'd keep the boys blog names going!
These were taken with Thing One's new camera.  Not the
best available, but he's happy with his present.

So ends another birthday for our oldest and begins the one week where I can say that my boys are 4 years apart!

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