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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza!

Another Thursday, another birthday.  At least only in January do we have two birthdays 7 days apart.  It wasn't our intention to have our kids birthdays that close, but it just worked out that way.

This go around, Thing Two celebrated his 8th birthday.  As of right now, he's riding off with his day to worship rehearsal.  Kevin had practice last Thursday and took Thing One.  This week he's taking Thing Two.  It's suppose to be a treat hanging out with Dad and staying up late.  Glad that the boys seem to enjoy it.

Seems as though, he's had a great day.  He got Poke'man cards from his brother and a green nerf football from Kevin and me.  If you know our kid, both are a great fit for him.  When he's talking, the subject are either Pokeman or sports, so these were good for him.

Yes, there are photo highlights as well:
 Chocolate milk this morning with whipped cream!

 The cake that almost didn't happen (Ugh! again this week).
So I'd mixed the wet ingredients and was getting ready to alternate the flour (et al)
with milk into the wet ingredients.  I went to get a measuring cup and the crisco fell out of
the cabinet, knocking he flour bowl onto the floor.  Also in that process
something hit the oven temperature knob and it got turned up.
Wasn't to happy when all was said and done, but still able to create a
descent looking Poke' Ball.  And for what it's worth, we still have
flour in the grooves of the kitchen floor!  PSA ~ don't install hardwood floors
with "V" grooves in between planks; it catches all sorts of dirt or FLOUR!!!

 Just what every cake needs, bunny ears.

 Candles lite, singing "Happy Birthday".

Decorated birthday chair!  There are only eight 8's
on the banner, 9 by Thing Two's first count.  Had to
tell him that one 8 actually had a shadow.

So ends our crazy birthday week.  51 more weeks and we get to do it all over again.  Love you birthday dude.

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