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Monday, August 16, 2010

Not so school photo's

The other evening, during dinner, things got silly! Okay, life without silliness is just BORING!!! What then transpired where the following photos and as it's "Student Photo Week" at Heart of the Matter these will be perfect.
Head of our house and school ~ Kevin!
Can you see what shirt he is wearing? We think he's the
best. Here, he looks so calm and leader like. As I
recall it though, he's the one that instigated the fun!
Thing Two's fingers in the photo!

Don't know what is going on with Thing Two's right hand, but
it wouldn't be a photo without bunny ears. In fact, two sets are
better than one, right? Life with a child always in motion!

Thing One needs to be original in his
bunny ears. He always has "walked" to the
beat of his own drum. This photo started out as
my token, get in the shot. I just don't care
for photo's being taken of myself.

This is it, our happy family of four! We can be goofy and serious, happy and sad, lots of energy and dragging, but all in all, it's cool to have them to hang with.


  1. Your student photos are FUN! ha ha!

  2. Cute pics and you made me laugh! See you on the HOP! ;-))

  3. Great photos, and I love the kids' blog names! Very creative! Nice to meet you, and will be back to read more soon :) Happy homeschooling! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Love, Kathryn