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Friday, August 13, 2010

Just thinking aloud!!!!!!!

Still wanting to "name" our home school. Not sure why I have such a strong desire to do so, but I do. What has come to mind lately is "Brockville Academy". It sounds pretty good, sounds formal, sounds official.

A while back, had looked up names, for everyone in our family, to find out the meanings of their name. Brock means badger! Think that's kind of interesting because I was born in Wisconsin, my parents were born there, and my grandparents and their sisters & brothers all lived there. The state animal is a badger. Makes me snicker just a little bit! Doesn't Brockville sound a bit better than Badgerville though?


  1. Did you ever watch the show Reba? A character on there is named Brock and they mentioned that his name meant badger. :-) I do like "Brockville Academy". You could be the Brockville Badgers!

  2. We do watch Reba! Kevin has DVR set up to record them as it is one of the VERY FEW shows we'll watch over and over again w/o getting board with it.

    It's just funny to look at the meanings of our boys and they have such "strong" Christian names to have a last name that means badger is funny!