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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blogging . . .

lately has been a challenge. We've been in school for a few weeks and in past years, I've usually by now blogged by a few things. Some how a unit study on "Magicians Nephew" doesn't lead to many photo opportunities.

This week and next, we're working our way through Knights and Castles, using the companion guide to Magic Tree House "The Knights at Dawn". This has been a great reference guide and the print outs from Homeschool Share have been wonderful. So far the boys have learned about which kinds of castles were better for protection, the Feudal System, Lords & Ladies, parts of the castle. They've gotten a kick out me being able to hook up my Mac and do Power Point presentations for vocabulary, bring up pictures of Castles, among other things. They've also enjoyed playing with their castles while being read to from "Castle Diary, The Journal of Tobias Burgess, Paige".

Cool activities to follow: making catapults, going to Maryland Renaissance Festival, and having a Medieval Banquet. Those should be more photo worthy!

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