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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not a Wordless Wednesday

I have been working on this baby blanket since, I think the beginning of August; granted not every day.  A couple weeks ago, with just three and 1/2 panels finished, I decided I wanted to get it finished before Thanksgiving (and have my hubby bring it to work for one of his co-workers).  Was almost there,  if I hadn't been so sick yesterday, I would have taken the photo's and the blanket could have been delivered.

Not that anyone particularly cares, but each panel is 32 knit stitches wide and 62 rows (or 31 ribs) long.  When I had 4 panels of each color, I had to figure out which color would be the X and choose the multi colored yarn.  I whip stitched them together in cream, as it was in both colors, to varying degrees, and then a stocking stitch around the edges.  A stocking stitch is one row knit stitch, one row purl stitch, until a desired length is reached - 5 rows here.

I think it turned out well and hope hubby's co-worker likes it.

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