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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Musing's

I've been working on Christmas decorations the last few days.  I have been painting the letters in the word "NOEL" gold.  I'd seen this in a Southern Living Christmas 2008 book and really liked it.  Hoping to getting some family photo's with each of us holding a letter and some individual shots, too, for a frame that has been on the wall (for a while now) with four empty slots.  I've taken a few pictures of the letters in my dining room window, which turned out really cool, but realized that my Five in a Row ornament's were in the shot.  I might be able to crop them out but haven't taken the time yet.  I hope to try a little later in the day.
 In the same book, there was a photo of hung stockings with a letter dangling with the stocking.  Thought this would be a cool thing to do as well.  So, the eight letter are almost finished. 
It's amazing how many coats of paint are needed, when using gold, to get it covered.
Got to the pictures, as you can see.  The gold doesn't show up well.  But when we get to family photo's taken, I'll post those.

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