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Friday, May 30, 2008


My oldest and I visited a used, homeschooling curriculum sale today.  Just couldn't pass it up, even not being a certain which curriculum we'll use this coming year.  Happily left, after spending only $3.00, with one curriculum I've been mulling over; it's Five in a Row.  I really like the concept of it and THINK it might work for my two next year.  The beauty of it, I can experiment in the coming days, before the HEAV Convention, to decide if we like it or not.  Being able to see other options, even if the wrong "grade level" was a good experience.  I've noticed, at least on-line, that the overall format doesn't change, from one grade to the next, in a given curriculum; at least if you are looking at, say 5th grade and you'll have a 3rd grader.  

We're all looking forward to a good summer vacation and awesome school year come fall.

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